Adele Just Sold More Than 1 Million Albums in a Week (Again) to Break Another Record

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Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC

A few artists have sold more than a million albums in a week, but none have done it twice on the same album … until now. Billboard reports that Adele has broken yet another record on her quest to making the entire music industry her bitch and sold more than a million copies of 25 in the U.S. for a second consecutive week. She’s the first person to have 2 million–plus-selling weeks since Nielsen began tracking sales in 1991. Her album — which sold a whopping 3.38 million in its first week, making Adele responsible for at least 42 percent of all music sold in the U.S. that week — has now sold well above the 4 million albums she was expected to hit by Christmas.


Adele Sells More Than 1 Million in a Week, Again