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Aw, Yeah: Laurence Fishburne Has a Cameo in John Wick 2

Reeves and Fishburne at the premiere of a Matrix sequel that will not be named. Photo: SGranitz

In the best news about John Wick 2 since news of a bloody, glorious John Wick sequel broke, it seems that Laurence Fishburne will make a cameo in the new movie — a Matrix reunion you didn’t know you desperately needed. Gothamist caught a few photos of Fishburne and Keanu Reeves on the Wick set in Brooklyn, and Variety later confirmed the story. In other pertinent John Wick miscellany, Common has joined the cast as the villain. No word on which of Keanu Reeves’s pets he will kill this time.

Aw, Yeah: Laurence Fishburne Is in John Wick 2