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‘The Awards Show Show’: Bear Rape, Best Actress, and Blockbusters — Oh, My!

On this week’s installment of “The Awards Show Show,” Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan and KPCC/”The Frame” host John Horn discuss the wackiest awards-season rumor yet — and it involves a carnal, bestial encounter with Leonardo DiCaprio — before moving on to the question of whether a blockbuster like The Martian or Mad Max has a shot at Best Picture. (If either won, it would be the first time such a big hit has triumphed since … well, we’ll tell you.) After that, Kyle and John predict who’ll get nominated for Best Actress, and it’s an awfully young crowd. Who do you think will be in the final five? Listen above, and be sure to subscribe to “The Awards Show Show” on iTunes.

Awards Podcast: Talking Best Actress, Bear Rape