Bradley Cooper Denies Beyoncé Will Be Involved With His A Star Is Born Remake

It’s a new world. Photo: Getty Images

Now we know why Beyoncé’s taking acting classes. “Page Six” reports that Bradley Cooper is moving ahead with a remake of A Star Is Born, which he plans to star in and direct, and that Beyoncé is (once again) going to be his co-star. The remake of the classic 1954 Judy Garland musical (which was itself a remake of a 1937 film) has floated around Hollywood since 2011. Then, Clint Eastwood was set to direct, while everyone from Tom Cruise to Leonardo DiCaprio was attached as the male lead. Throughout more than a year of negotiations, Beyoncé was attached as the female lead — until those talks finally fell apart. Fast-forward three years to this summer, when Bradley Cooper picked up the project as his directorial debut. Then, sources reported that his team wanted Beyoncé but that she hadn’t “been re-approached formally.” Skip forward a few months to now, and, according to the “Page Six” source, “Beyoncé is a go.” Their report also says that Cooper’s still meeting with producers, so we won’t get a chance to see the great collaboration that almost was, and then wasn’t, and now just might be until at least 2017. Though, at this point, we can all agree that a behind-the-scenes documentary would be so much more entertaining.

Update: Unfortunately, it looks like Beyoncé’s casting is a no-go. “Just a rumor,” Cooper told E! News at the premiere of Joy last night. “But with that said, I would be honored obviously with to work with her in any capacity.”

Beyoncé Will Not Be in Cooper’s A Star Is Born