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Billy Eichner Will Play a Game With Sarah Jessica Parker Right After He Defends Sex and the City 2 With Every Ounce of Rage in His Body

Billy Eichner invited Sarah Jessica Parker to Billy on the Street to play a round of “Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App?” It’s a fun game! You know what’s not a game? Billy’s incredible defense of the Sex and the City 2 movie. Billy launches a searing critique of haters, bros, and sci-fi nerds that almost makes you forget Samantha’s “Lawrence of my labia” joke. Just kidding. “Lawrence of my labia” rules, Samantha is awesome, and everyone who didn’t appreciate Sex and the City 2 for what it was can choke on my pearl thong. To the street, everyone! Billy will lead us as we spread the new and glorious Truth!

Billy Eichner Defends Sex and the City 2 to SJP