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Borat Dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to Bash Donald Trump, Anti-Promote Sacha Baron Cohen’s Latest Movie

To the chagrin of Jimmy Kimmel’s facial hair, Sacha Baron Cohen revived the legendary Borat Sagdiyev for Wednesday night’s broadcast. At first the faux-Kazakh journalist delivered his tried-and-tested spiel, but then he set his sights on a certain presidential hopeful.

“[Cohen’s] characters are very, very offensive: Ali G, Bruno, and his new one, Donald Trump,” Borat said. “[Trump] is clearly a parody of a rich, American racist … He doesn’t even look real. Cohen has spent all the money on the orange paint for face, and leave no money for wig. Now, I know what happened to Pamela Anderson’s pubis.” (Borat, you are missed.) Watch above as Cohen’s notorious character turns “Kimmel” into a profanity, does this dance a lot, and introduces a trailer for Cohen’s latest film, The Brothers Grimsby.

In Grimsby, Cohen plays a dimwitted, goofy family man who must help his assassin of a long-lost brother (Mark Strong) prevent a massive terror attack. Directed by Louis Leterrier, the movie also features Penélope Cruz, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson, among others. If you need a Cohen fix, you’ll be able to get it with Grimsby on March 11. Until then, let us pray Borat sticks around.

Borat Visited Kimmel to Bash Trump, Tease Movie