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Want to Know How Bryan Cranston Lost His Virginity? So Does James Lipton

Don’t ever ask what James Lipton has done for you lately. The Inside the Actor’s Studio host grilled actor Bryan Cranston on the tough questions, including the pressing question of where exactly in Europe he first had sexual intercourse. “You’ve said, ‘I lost my virginity on that trip in Austria,” Lipton noted. “And then you say, ‘I lost it in Switzerland, I lost it in Luxembourg, I lost it in France’ … Please, would you explain how in the hell that’s possible?” Cranston accepted the challenge, revealing that he wasn’t always the older dad bae he is now. In fact, he was a terribly insecure secret virgin! So he went to a brothel with his bro friends, and, well, that’s the story of how he became a real boy.

Bryan Cranston on How He Lost His Virginity