Check Out Connor Ratliff’s Secular Holiday Special ‘Spirit of Ratliff’

If you’re looking for some new and improved Christmas carols for 2015, look no further than Connor Ratliff and Mikey Erg’s new holiday special directed by Keith Haskel and Rob Malone called Spirit of Ratliff, which features Ratliff hanging out in New York City singing new songs like “Have Yourself a Merry Secular Xmas,” “Xmas Is Over (Let’s Keep The Lights Up 4 A While),” and “No One Wants a Pizza on Xmas Day” (you can find them all here). “Each song makes its point and doesn’t overstay its welcome,” Ratliff says on his new holiday song collection. “I’m really proud of the entire EP and I hope if you like XMAS songs that you will add some of these to your annual listening. I think there is at least one song among the bunch that has the potential to become a stone cold XMAS CLASSIC, and it’s the song about Pizza.”

Check Out Connor Ratliff’s Secular Holiday Special […]