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Chloë Moretz’s Little Mermaid Will Be ‘Progressive,’ Also Blonde

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Not Ariel. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Chloë Moretz, set to star in the upcoming Little Mermaid that will not be directed by Sofia Coppola, spoke to Entertainment Tonight and expressed her disappointment that she won’t get to don Ariel’s red hair. But then again, she’s not playing Ariel. This film is an adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic, which was written a long time ago in an ocean far, far away from Disney’s 1989 adaptation, The Little Mermaid. You will probably be reminded of this every time news is released about this film. Moretz says she will have blonde hair in the movie instead of red, but she promises this won’t be the only change. Moretz says this adaptation will be “a modern, revisionist tale” and “progressive for young women in this day and age.” She’ll use hashtags to fight offshore drilling, she means.

Chloë Moretz’s Little Mermaid Will Be Blonde