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Chris Hemsworth Tried to Go Incognito at a Prison, Failed Miserably

Australian golden boy Chris Hemsworth, ever the devoted researcher, thought he’d be in the clear while visiting a prison in preparation for his role in the mystery-thriller Blackhat last year. Of course, that line of thinking was very wrong (have you heard about this little movie called Thor?), and he learned the hard way when he was forced to take off his disguise (a hat, presumably black) and proceeded to get heckled by some very bemused inmates. As he tells the crowd at The Graham Norton Show: “It’s like, ‘Yo yo, Thor’s here, man. Yo Thor’s here, yo Thor, Thor! Where’s your hammer man? Come spend some time in my cell, baby!’” We can’t say we would act much different.

Chris Hemsworth Got Heckled at a Prison