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Columbia House Relaunches With Vinyl; How Many Records for This Penny?

Columbia House Photo: Columbia House

Remember Columbia House, that company you’d see leaflets for on the floor of your older sister’s room that would promise 12 CDs for a penny, and you’d be like, “Oh my god why don’t we have millions of CDs then???” and your sister would be like, “Because it’s a scam, you dummy.” Well, they’re back! And this time, with vinyl. How many for a penny, you ask? Not sure yet, but John Lippman, the man who bought the company out of bankruptcy this month, wants to use social media to get millennials interested in buying big stacks of vinyl via mail. Lippman told The Wall Street Journal, “You can see a yearning and an interest to try a new format.” Apparently Lippman thinks records are new, which is cool, because that means he’s a baby. And who doesn’t want to buy stuff from a baby? Nobody, that’s who.

Columbia House Relaunches With Vinyl