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Chris Cornell Played a Powerful Version of ‘Say Hello 2 Heaven’ in Memory of Scott Weiland

Though “Hunger Strike” is the best-known song off Temple of the Dog’s self-titled record, “Say Hello 2 Heaven” was always the album’s centerpiece. Recorded in 1991, after the overdose of the charismatic front man of Mother Love Bone, Andrew Wood, the song is a devastating tribute to a star who never got to see his potential fulfilled. Nearly 25 years later, the song’s singer/writer Chris Cornell performed it at his Melbourne show as a tribute to Scott Weiland, who died this past weekend after also struggling with addiction. Though their careers played out differently, there’s something powerful about uniting Wood and Weiland’s narratives here. And you can hear it in Cornell’s arresting performance, with his tremendous voice breaking at times.

Cornell Played ‘Say Hello 2 Heaven’ for Weiland