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The Daily Show Remixes Awkward Ted Cruz Footage, Asks You to ‘Cruz Your Own Adventure’

Seeing as how the internet has gotten really good at making fun of people, you’d think Ted Cruz’s handlers would have suggested maybe not uploading video after video of awkward Cruz family interviews online. But since pretty much everyone involved with this election is too busy having major panic attacks about Donald Trump to think rationally, let’s all enjoy a game of Cruz Your Own Adventure! Trevor Noah and the folks over at The Daily Show have edited Cruz’s almost endearingly stilted family footage into, why, any kind of Ted Cruz your heart desires! Sitcom Dad Ted Cruz! The Omen-style Lil’ Ted Cruz! If you have a hot take on Ted Cruz, you can even Cruz your own adventure and potentially see it aired on the show. So, Fifty Shades of Cruz it is? A dark, erotic tale of obsession, and also Ted Cruz is there? You’ll have to watch all the original footage to see what you have to work with, so good luck to you. Let us know how that goes.

The Daily Show Remixes Awkward Ted Cruz Footage