Daniel Craig Has a Force Awakens Cameo That You’ll Probably Miss

We’re two for two on Stormtrooper suits with gorgeous Brits inside. Photo: Lucasfilm

Yes, the rumors are true: Underneath the surface of the brooding hunk that is Daniel Craig lies a devoted little Star Wars fan. EW reports that Daniel Craig has a cameo in The Force Awakens as — spoilers! — the Stormtrooper who guards a hostage Rey and is annoyed by her attempts at a Jedi mind-trick. It’s a tiny scene, and unless you recognize that trademark British scowl, you’ll probably miss it. So why do it? A source with knowledge of Craig’s involvement told EW that “he did it for shits and grins,” which is an amazing reason to do anything, but maybe Craig’s love for Star Wars runs a little deeper. Because just as a James Franco’s character in Freaks and Geeks struggled to come to terms with his fondness for Dungeons and Dragons, so, too, has James Bond taken time to admit his love for Star Wars. In a previous interview with EW, Craig responded to rumors by saying, “Why would I ever bother doing something like that? Fucking hell! Pffft. Play an extra in another movie?” Sounds like the international man of mystery doth protest too much.

Daniel Craig Has a Force Awakens Cameo