where's the beef?

Deadmau5 Apologizes for ‘Being a D*ck,’ Reactivates Twitter Account

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Electronic-music producer and cattle-herder Deadmau5 has posted an open letter on his Tumblr explaining why he has so many Twitter feuds. The EDM musician, who has had notable beefs with Justin Bieber (whom he amusingly called a “meat puppet”) and Skrillex recently, cites an ongoing struggle with depression as the cause of his incessant online fights. He deactivated his Twitter account a while back, and has since rebooted it, losing 3.2 million followers. Where’s the beef? Not on Deadmau5’s new Twitter account (not yet, at least).

like many other human beings, I’ve been dealing with some depression issues that i don’t need to go into detail with. Id consider myself far from emotionally stable, though, not unstable enough to know support when i see it. Deactivating social media for a minute has nothing at all to do with popstars or dubstep tryhards. It was a kneejerk reaction to something i saw coming a long time ago. Also, nobodies business but my own. [sic]

Once again, sorry for being a dick to those who are fans and supporters.

Deadmau5 Apologizes for ‘Being a D*ck’