Awwwww, Drake Reunited Degrassi’s Jimmy and Hazel

Well, whad’ya know, Drake’s a sucker for nostalgia just like the rest of us: Back in August, he crashed a screening attended by a few of his old Degrassi pals, posing for a few photo ops with Paige, Sean, and Marco, and just generally melting all our hearts. It was sickeningly sweet. Now he’s done it again! Sometime between hanging out with Tyrese and Denzel Washington (what a threesome), he ended up on a couch with none other than Andrea Lewis, whom you might remember as Jimmy’s girlfriend Hazel for a couple seasons:

While I’ll always personally be more of a #TeamJashley fan, his relationship with Hazel was cute while it lasted (which unfortunately wasn’t very long, thanks to that shooting and Jimmy’s ungrateful ass falling for Ellie). Look how cute they still are! Jazel forever, guys.

Drake Had Another Mini Degrassi Reunion