Drake Wants Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together More Than All You Jelena Diehards

Drake is also Team Jelena. Photo: Getty Images, Corbis

None of us ever really got over the end of the great young romance that was Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. So when Biebs got caught serenading Selena at a hotel last month, it reignited Jelena shippers everywhere. Then, last night, Bieber Instagrammed a photo of him and Selena looking adorable and very much back together on the back of an ATV. Now, real Jelena stans would’ve remembered their ATV date (and Bieber’s arrest during it) from back in August 2014, but some hopeful fans mistook the photo as an official declaration of their reunion. Not so fast! said Bieber, who later added the caption, “Just a throwback calm down.” (And it wasn’t even Thursday, sigh.)

Everyone’s heart immediately sank, including Drake’s. Yep, even Bieber’s fellow Canadian was deceived: He slid into Bieber’s comments on the photo (much like Bieber once did on Drake’s thirst trap), perfectly summing up Team Jelena’s universal heartbreak over what once was and may never again be:

Drake Instagrammed His Support for Jelena