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Can You Have Nostalgia for a Season That Hasn’t Happened Yet? This 21-Minute X-Files Behind-the-scenes Preview Will Give You That

Check the Venn diagram of your interests. Does “‘90s nostalgia” overlap with “alien conspiracies” and “post-9/11 America”? Well then, baby, the new season of X-Files is definitely for you. Creator Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson take the time to explain the premise of the show’s peculiar FBI department for the newbies in the audience, but the show’s new behind-the-scenes preview seems largely designed to get old fans geared up for new kicks, including Joel McHale’s Tad O’Malley, a conservative talking head whose search for Mulder acts as the season’s catalyst, and Annet Mahendru’s alien abductee Sveta. Don’t worry if you miss the show’s more visceral scares in addition to its ongoing alien mythology, though. Sveta’s appearance right around 9:28 will leave you screaming for more. Or just screaming and gagging and cringing. It’s the worst. See you on January 24, everybody!

Enjoy This X-Files Behind-the-scenes Preview