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First-Look Photos of The Path: Aaron Paul Is Still Looking Distressed in a Car

What have you gotten yourself into, Aaron Paul? Photo: Greg Lewis/Hulu

Aaron Paul’s latest TV project is as Eddie Lane, a man suffering a crisis of faith who converted to Meyerism in The Path on Hulu. The rest of the cast includes Michelle Monaghan as his wife, Sarah Lane, Kyle Allen as his son Hawk, Rockmond Dunbar as Detective Abe Gaines, Sarah Jones as Alison Kemp, with Hannibal’s Hugh Dancy as Cal Roberts, the unofficial leader of the Meyerist movement. It’s like it was just yesterday that Aaron Paul was tooling around his Toyota Tercel after having fallen under the spell of another charismatic genius in the form of Walter White! Ah, good times. Here’s a first look at The Path, which premieres March 30.

Hugh Dancy plays the leader of the Meyerists, Cal Roberts. Photo: Greg Lewis/Hulu
Michelle Monaghan plays Sarah Lane, who was born into a Meyerist family. Photo: Greg Lewis/Hulu
Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan. Photo: Greg Lewis/Hulu
Rockmond Dunbar as Detective Abe Gaines. Photo: Greg Lewis/Hulu
Kyle Allen plays Hawk Lane Eddie and Sarah’s teenage son, and Amy Forsyth as a popular non-Meyerist classmate. Photo: Greg Lewis/Hulu
Sarah Jones as Alison Kemp, a defector of Meyerism. Photo: Greg Lewis/Hulu
Emma Greenwell as Mary Cox, an addict saved by the Meyerists. Photo: Greg Lewis/Hulu
Take a First Look at Aaron Paul in The Path