The Force Awakens Soundtrack Is Now Streaming — But Maybe Avoid Reading the Track Titles Just in Case

Photo: Lucasfilm

Actually, don’t even read this post if you genuinely do not want any The Force Awakens spoilers whatsoever. The Force Awakens soundtrack playlist is down below, and it can hear everything we’re saying. Well, no, but it does have track titles that could potentially reveal some teeny, tiny spoilers. According to EW, the film’s sweeping, epic score, composed by the inimitable John Williams, was held back for release specifically to prevent track titles from revealing any information about the movie. Because we live dangerously, we can tell you there are no track titles like “Han Holds Chewbacca As He Dies, Having Discovered He Was Secretly a Jedi the Whole Time,” or “Finn and Rey’s Wedding Is Officiated by Part-Cyborg Lando Calrissian,” but boy, would you be mad right now if there were!

The Force Awakens Soundtrack Now Streaming