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Francis Ford Coppola Calls George Lucas’s Attachment to Star Wars ‘A Pity’; Lucas Cries Into a Scrooge McDuck–Style Pool of Gold Coins

Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas Photo: Getty Images

In a recent interview with Screen Daily, Francis Ford Coppola expressed disappointment that his BFF George Lucas got all caught up in the Star Wars thing. “I think Star Wars, it’s a pity, because George Lucas was a very experimental crazy guy and he got lost in this big production and never got out of it,” Coppola said. Most of the world would disagree, but you’re entitled to your opinion, Frank. Coppola helped get Lucas’s first film, THX 1138, off the ground and produced Lucas’s American Graffiti, and the two collaborated on the story that eventually became Apocalypse Now. “I still hope that he made so much money out of it that he will just make some little movies,” Coppola said. “He promises me that he will.” There’s no way to know if Lucas made any money off Star Wars, but hopefully he made enough for at least one low-budget indie movie or something.

Francis Ford Coppola Calls Star Wars ‘A Pity’