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Empire’s Gabourey Sidibe Would Be Down for More Sex and Guns

New York Women In Film And Television's 35th Annual Muse Awards
Gabourey. Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImages

Since the first season of Empire, Gabourey Sidibe has entertained as Becky Williams, the tenacious, no-nonsense executive assistant to Empire patriarch Lucious Lyon. Even though her recent rooftop sex scene also caused a lot of unnecessary controversy, she’s still up for another. “I’ll do a sex scene later today, I don’t care, yeah,” Sidibe told Vulture at the New York Women in Film and Television’s Muse Awards Thursday afternoon. “They’re fun to do.” On a rooftop? “Wherever, it can be right now.”

The soapy shenanigans on Empire all are good fun, but for Sidibe, she’d like to see more action. As in guns! (Get your mind out of the gutter.) “When I was doing American Horror Story, I shot this scene where I get shot and I fall to the floor … and then I take the gun, crawl out of the room, and put the gun in my mouth and shoot myself through the head,” Sidibe told Vulture. “I love that scene so much because I felt like an action star. I would like to feel like an action star more often than I’ve been able to. I would love to be seen as someone that can do those more physical things.” Alas, don’t expect Becky Williams to throw down in any future Empire episodes. “I keep asking, I don’t know, and they keep telling me to shut up!”

Gabourey Sidibe Down for More Empire Sex Scenes