Here Are Freddie Mercury’s Vocals on Charity Single ‘Little Freddie Goes to School,’ in Case You Forgot for One Second About Freddie Mercury

Queen Perform At Live Aid At Wembley
Photo: Peter Still/Getty Images

Look, you’re not proud you haven’t been thinking a lot about Freddie Mercury recently, but sometimes these things slip your mind. The holidays happen; you get so busy. The most important things in life, specifically the late, extremely great Queen front man, can slip from your mind. Luckily, Stuart Leathem remixed Mercury’s vocals from “When This Tired Old Body Wants to Rest” and “The Golden Boy” with singer Esther Trousdale to create “Little Freddie Goes to School.” Created for World AIDS Day, proceeds from the single will go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, created by members of Queen in Mercury’s memory. Listen to it, think for a while about Freddie Mercury, and do not let this happen again. Put “Thinking about Freddie Mercury” in your Google Calendar if you have to. Whatever works for you.

Hear Some Rare Freddie Mercury Vocals