Here’s All the Training That Went into Last Night’s Fantastic ‘Nathan for You’ Finale

The season 3 finale of Nathan for You aired last night, and to say the very least, it was a fantastic way to end the season. Comedy Central uploaded an exclusive clip this morning that’s well worth the watch if you’d like to see more of what went into Fielder’s 7+ months of training to master his high-wire act, in which he overcame his lifelong fear of heights and, apparently, abstained from sex to focus on the big stunt: “Throughout the training process I didn’t want any distractions and I wanted all my energy to go into my training, so I decided to abstain from sex completely throughout the process, which was my choice. And I even chose to abstain once I was done the stunt for a little bit just in case,” Fielder reveals in the clip. “Now that all my training’s done and I’ve pulled off this stunt, sex is back on the table for me, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the game and uh, you know, having some intimate situations with people I know or strangers. So I’m pretty excited about that.”

As a bonus, here’s the OkCupid profile Fielder made in the episode as well as the photos he uploaded in disguise as Corey below:

Bravo, Fielder – you’ve truly inspired us all.

Here’s All the Training That Went into Last Night’s […]