This First Look at Bridget Jones’s Baby Is Like the Cuddliest Episode of Maury Ever

After a decade off perfecting her “wanton sex goddess” ways, Bridget Jones will return to theaters with next year’s Bridget Jones’s Baby. EW has the first look at the film, which once again stars Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth, along with the added bonus of Patrick Dempsey. (Hugh Grant opted out of another sequel, humph.) And — surprise! — she’s got yet another love triangle to sort out, only now there’s baby-daddy drama. According to EW, despite getting engaged to Firth’s Mark Darcy in Edge of Reason, Bridget’s now single and preggers with Darcy’s baby, or else she’s carrying the spawn of McDreamy, who has risen from the dead to play a “hot new billionaire,” because of course he is. Just look at their family portrait: the most adorable, warm-and-fuzzy episode of Maury you’ve ever seen.

Photo: Rankin/Entertainment Weekly
Here’s Your First Look at Bridget Jones’s Baby