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New House of Cards Teaser: Frank Underwood Remembers the Fallen

Netflix’s latest House of Cards trailer is a gut-punch to all of us who are still grieving the (it’s not a spoiler anymore) death of Zoe Barnes. How dare you make your campaign slogan a vicious pun, Frank Underwood. Kevin Spacey will continue to be deliciously amused by his evil acts when House of Cards returns for its fourth season on March 4.

In other teasers: Frank Underwood will do anything for America — even save its people from the 2016 election by gunning for a second term. He reiterated as much in his latest message amid Sunday’s Golden Globes, during which he showed just how good (read: brutal) a president he would be.

He also broke into the Republican debate with the below announcement. You can see more updates on his bold campaign website, here, where he says “FU” to a bunch of things because it’s almost #FU2016 time.

Watch the Latest House of Cards Teaser