How Tall Are the New Movie Heartthrobs?

If you walked up to new Star Wars leading men John Boyega and Oscar Isaac at a bustling cantina, would they tower over you? Are Marvel mainstays like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Tom Hiddleston really as tall as they seem, or is it all just a cinematic trick? And what about all those YA hunks like Theo James and Ansel Elgort: What height is the right height for wooing Shailene Woodley?

If you’ve been to the movies over the past few years, it’s entirely possible you’ve been mulling over these questions while nursing a crush or two on some of Hollywood’s handsome new leading men. But what heights are reached by all these up-and-coming hunks? Take a look at our chart below, which uses data compiled by the eagle-eyed obsessives at celebheights.com, weighed against official statements from the stars themselves and determinations by our own two eyes.

Heights of various leading men


How Tall Are the New Movie Heartthrobs?