Idris Elba, Man You’d Like to Cling on, Is Playing a New Alien Race in Star Trek Beyond

Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s four hours in a makeup chair. Photo: Getty Images, Paramount Pictures

The makers of Star Trek Beyond did put handsome human male Idris Elba in an alien suit for the upcoming sequel, but they want to let you know that at least that alien suit is totally original. As director Justin Lin tells Slashfilm, Elba’s character, Krall, is a member of a “new species that we discover in this chapter.” To go along with that, the director also promised fans that the new villain would introduce a new “very distinct and valid” perspective on the Federation’s Prime Directive: “His character is really challenging the way of the Federation’s philosophy.” Perhaps by introducing Robert’s Rules of Order?

Idris Elba Not a Klingon in Star Trek Beyond