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James Franco Shares First Photo of Himself As Tommy Wiseau, Takes Squinting Game to the Next Level

James Franco’s The Disaster Artist starting filming yesterday, apparently triggering a collective remembering among actors that they told James Franco they would appear in The Disaster Artist. In addition to James and Dave Franco, the making-of–The Room film will apparently feature Hannibal Buress, Kate Upton, and Ari Graynor, and probably 1,200 other actors by the time you finish reading this paragraph. Oh yeah, Josh Hutcherson joined the film last week, and Zac Efron will also cameo as a drug dealer. Was James Franco so in character as Tommy Wiseau, he couldn’t open his eyes wide enough to see how many friends he CC’ed on his “Want to be in The Disaster Artist??” group text? Franco posted a photo of himself in character as Wiseau yesterday, and I know “not opening his eyes” is his thing, but this might be his squinting masterpiece.

James Franco Shares Pic of Self As Tommy Wiseau