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Jennifer Lawrence Was Definitely Team Gale IRL, Confesses to Kissing Liam Hemsworth Offscreen on Very Truthful Watch What Happens Live Debut

Jennifer Lawrence was born to play plead the fifth: The typically no-filter actress popped by Watch What Happens Live for the first time Monday night — she’s obsessed with Vanderpump Rules — during which Andy Cohen obviously roped her into a round of Plead the Fifth. And because she’s J.Law, she waited until her final, super-non-invasive question to actually plead the Fifth, which means we all discovered a whole lot more about her personal life. Like, for example, she was totes Team Gale IRL (sorry, Peeta) and definitely made out with Liam Hemsworth while not in Panem (!) because he’s “real hot” and “What would you have done?” No argument here! Also, she may have hit the bong before at least one of her many Oscar appearances, though she won’t say which one. But you know the one where she tripped and fell on the way to accepting her award? As in, the same one where she told every interviewer on the red carpet how bad she had the munchies? Yeah, it was that one.

J.Law Confesses to Kissing Liam IRL on WWHL