he who must not be named

J.K. Rowling: Donald Trump Is Worse Than Voldemort

Where’s Harry Potter when you need him? Photo: Getty Images; Warner Bros.

History has its share of baddies, both real and fictional. You’ve heard of He Who Must Not Be Named and all the atrocities he and his Death Eaters carried out until Harry Potter vanquished him. Real or not, shockingly, J.K. Rowling can think of someone who’s even more evil than the Dark Lord. Following Donald Trump’s outrageous proposal that the U.S. ban all Muslims from entering the country, the BBC ran a piece on how millennials find Trump comparable to Voldemort. (Remember when Voldy had that hateful plan to exterminate those not deemed pure enough for his world?) But Rowling — who often inserts Harry Potter in her politics — thinks we should probably fear Trump even more than the wizards did Voldemort:

J.K. Rowling: Trump Is Worse Than Voldemort