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How and Why Does John Boyega Have a Perfect Pinocchio Impression?

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How did the impression you see in the video above even happen? How did John Boyega even discover he could do Pinocchio from Shrek? Was it one of those “screaming in weird voices to yourself alone in your bathroom” moments? Has he just been silently praying for years that someone would ask him to “do” Pinocchio? Was he always playing Shrek in his trailer when J.J. Abrams stopped by? Constantly referencing puppets and how good he is at being them? Achieving a level of fame that enabled him to finally get to do his Pinocchio impression with a weary smile on Good Morning America while promoting The Force Awakens? Wow, everything really is coming together for this guy. Lucky rat bastard.

John Boyega Does a Decent Pinocchio Impression