K-Pop Band Oh My Girl Mistaken for Sex Workers and Detained at LAX

Photo: Oh My Girl/Facebook

After heading to America to shoot their album cover this week, Korean pop band Oh My Girl had to cancel both the photo shoot and a planned performance when they were detained at Los Angeles International Airport under suspicion of being sex workers. (“Mistaken for Sex Workers” is the best song The National has never written.) According to the BBC, the eight girls, all of whom are between the ages of 16 and 21, were held for over 15 hours, possibly due to an issue with their visas. The pop group, per the BBC’s report, appears to have flown back to Seoul following the incident, while their label, WM Entertainment, is taking legal advice to determine if the detention was legal. It remains to be seen if they will return to America to shoot their album cover.

K-Pop Band Mistaken for Sex Workers at LAX