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Katy Perry Wasn’t Allowed to Read Harry Potter, Doesn’t Know She’s Such a Hufflepuff

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Katy Perry. Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Katy Perry recently told People that she was never allowed to read any of the Harry Potter books or see the movies because her parents are devout Christian ministers. That’s okay, Katy. You don’t have to know who Ron Weasley is to stay in our good graces. How can we explain? He’s like the Left Shark of Quidditch. “Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to have any fantastical, enchanting stuff around me,” Perry said. “It’s funny that now I’m doing a little bit of a magic-potion-themed perfume.” Her fragrance is called Mad Potion, and probably has something to do with how she’s mad about never being able to read about potions. Get any help from Snape?

Katy Perry Never Allowed to Read Harry Potter