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Let This 6-Part Killer Mike Interview of Bernie Sanders Make You Feel a Teeny, Tiny Shred of Hope

If you had resigned yourself to a presidential campaign in which a topic is only discussed when a candidate threatens to build a giant insane wall around it, block it from entering America, or buy guns for it, here’s some great news! Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders’ six-part political conversation “Talking Shop With Bernie Sanders” is so refreshing, it will bring tears to your eyes. The two best of buddies sat down in the Swag Shop, Killer Mike’s Atlanta barbershop, back in November. They get into everything: democratic socialism, health care, economic rights, you name it. What do you call that sweet spot where something is both really cute and also gives you hope America won’t just collapse over a long weekend? No, YOU’RE crying. Shut up. Whatever.

Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders Talk Shop