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Apparently, Kim Kardashian’s Butt Broke the Internet Again (This Time As an Emoji)

Bow to the butt.

Kim Kardashian birthed a saint mere weeks ago and already she’s back to business, launching her first line of emoji appropriately called Kimoji on Monday. But of course, Silicon Valley’s new BFF didn’t make just any emoji. They include everything in the Kim K canon: her famous backside, her ugly-cry, her contour, a waist trainer, selfies, and a few other seemingly unrelated things. (A wave? Kim wouldn’t lose another diamond earring to the ocean. A red solo cup? Pshh, Kim doesn’t even drink.) Weirdly, none of those emoji seem to re-create her famous Paper cover, which aimed to break the internet. But still, they broke something even bigger: Upon the launch, Kim has tweeted that her Kimoji app crashed Apple’s app store entirely and that her app is currently down:

Free the Kimoji!

Update: It appears Kim may have exaggerated just a tad about the actual impact her butt had on the internet this time. Apple tells BuzzFeed that her Kimoji app did not break their app store, and Apple’s system status page shows no outages from yesterday. Kim has since alerted fans that her app is back up and running; go text someone her butt for Christmas!

Kim Kardashian’s Emoji Butt Broke the App Store