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King Louie Survived Last Week’s Shooting in Chicago, Appeared This Week on CNN to Discuss Gun Violence

King Louie, the Chicago drill rapper who was shot in the head last week, spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon late Monday about his fortunate recovery. The (brief) interview also touched on the violence in the artist’s city, as well as a nonprofit campaign focused on putting “the guns down.” “I feel blessed,” Louie told Lemon. “Three of the slugs are still with me today: two in my chest and one in my head.”

Despite sustaining seven shots total, Louie (often cited as the creator of the terms “Chiraq” and “Drillinois“) was released from the hospital on his birthday, last weekend. “The devil’s working overtime,” he added. “[But] there’s hope for Chicago, and like I say, prayer — I don’t think I’d be here today if it wasn’t for prayer.” For more, roll the interview above, and scope out the Music vs. Gun Violence movement here.

King Louie Survived Shooting, Appeared on CNN