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Kristen Stewart Gives Daisy Ridley Advice About Being in a Billion-Dollar Franchise — It Probably Won’t Apply to You

Kristen Stewart and Daisy Ridley. Photo: Getty Images

Kristen Stewart recently went on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast and offered some advice to Daisy Ridley, the new face of the Star Wars franchise. “I did Twilight when I was 17. It came out when I was 18, and my life was never even remotely the same,” Stewart said. As for her advice? “Focus on the fact that you’re stoked ‘cause you’re doing the work that you want to do. It’s literally mainly just about focusing on what makes you happy. And if losing your anonymity or whatever doesn’t make you happy, then focus on something else.” She didn’t close with, “For example, focus on BB-8, because that little guy makes everyone happy!” But we’d like to imagine she did.

Kristen Stewart Gives Daisy Ridley Advice