Kylie Jenner Can’t Name Her Favorite Member of Friends, Which Means It’s Probably Ross

At first, Kylie Jenner’s inability to name her favorite Friends character just seems like a function of her age. She wasn’t even 7 years old when the show ended! Why don’t we ask Kylie which character she most identified with on NewsRadio? How about we find where she was when she watched the finale of Wings? But if you watch her Elle interview again, you’ll realize Kylie’s answer is not “I don’t have a favorite Friends character because that was a show that premiered three years before I was born.” Her answer is, “What is that?” a denial of Friends knowledge so absolute, it suggests Kylie is attempting to hide a truly dark secret: Her favorite character is Ross. That one Friends episode where Ross can’t get his leather pants after going to the bathroom? That is Kylie Jenner’s favorite episode. She watches it all the time, and if the world found out, it would destroy her.

Kylie Jenner Can’t Name Her Favorite Friend