Linda Ellerbee Is Retiring From Nick News After 25 Years

And so it goes. Photo: Nickelodeon/Lucky Duck Productions, Inc.

The woman who taught every millennial about world news as a kid has some news of her own to share: Linda Ellerbee announced Tuesday that she’s retiring from Nick News after 25 years anchoring TV’s longest-running children’s-news program. Ellerbee, 71, is set to retire from television altogether after 44 years in the business, saying, “It’s really nice to be one of the few who walks away from television news on their own time and of their own choice.” Nickelodeon will air Hello, I Must Be Going: 25 Years of Nick News With Linda Ellerbee, a one-hour retrospective of her work, on December 15, after which the award-winning show will also be retired. Ellerbee has anchored Nick News since its 1992 debut, and has served as the head of Nick News for 25 years. Prior to Nickelodeon, Ellerbee had worked for the Associated Press, until they famously fired her and she moved on to local-TV news and NBC in the early ‘70s. Her work as one of the first well-known women in broadcast news went on to inspire the character of Murphy Brown after actress Candice Bergen shadowed her for the show. She also boasts a best-selling book, 1986’s And So It Goes: Adventures in Television, named after her beloved news sign-off.

Linda Ellerbee Is Retiring From Nick News