Blackalicious Updated ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ to Be About Sports, and It’s Better Than Sports Themselves

Daniel Radcliffe has already blown out a vocal cord trying to learn Blackalicious’s “Sports Alphabet,” and that was just listening to it for the first time. The duo updated their 1999 hit “Alphabet Aerobics” with 50 sports references for Bleacher Report, and it’s great. And the video! Look, sports are good. We can all agree. Baseball. Basketball. Probably some other ones. Oh! The one where you play on horses or underwater, but it’s the same sport. They’re all the bees knees, and we love them very much, but Blackalicious’s “Sports Alphabet” remix and video, when combined, are better than the totality of all sports. Look at all those animation styles! There are 26 of them! Yeah, sorry, sports. Blackalicious wins this round. Good luck at the Super Bowl Olympics World Series, or what have you.

Listen to Blackalicious’s ‘Sports Alphabet’