Have You Bought Mark Hamill’s Autograph Sometime in the Last 38 Years? Allow Him to Verify for You on Twitter That It’s Probably Fake

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Very cool. Photo: Ethan Miller/2015 Getty Images

The not-so-secret world of Star Wars collectors is one rife with many hours logged on forums that are often trolled by con artists claiming to have a piece of Star Wars history up for grabs. And there’s maybe no fan-favorite item more coveted than the autograph of Luke Skywalker — so much so that it’s also become one of the easiest to fake. Fed up with nearly 40 years of deceit, Mark Hamill has embarked on an act of Twitter vigilantism, where he’s currently self-authenticating his signature for any fan who tweets him a photo of their memorabilia. “I’m so sorry there’s so many fans spending their hard-earned money for fraudulent signatures,” he explained, breaking the news to one fan who got duped.

So far, he’s personally investigated more than a dozen autographs and confirmed that a bunch are fake, but a few are real! (He’s also “liked” several that are real, so don’t get discouraged if he doesn’t directly tweet you.) Hamill’s even given some tips on how to spot the forgeries: Firstly, if it looks like your 5-year-old scribbled it, you should already be skeptical. And if the joke that precedes it isn’t total dad humor, don’t even bother.

Mark Hamill Is Twitter-Verifying His Autographs