Maya Rudolph Will Do a Guest Arc on The Grinder, a Show With a Title That Makes All Its Headlines Sound Dirty

She will not be joining Grindr, from what we can tell. Photo: Chance Yeh/Getty Images

Maya Rudolph is going to grind her way to greatness on The Grinder. EW reports that the SNL and Groundlings alum has grabbed a guest stint on the show as Jillian, “a therapist whom Stewart (Fred Savage) started seeing when Dean (Rob Lowe), moved back home.” Stewart will later recommend that Dean pay a visit to Jillian so that she can “bring him down to earth a little and start seeing things his way.” Sounds like she’ll be grilling the Grinder, or maybe grounding the Grinder, or — who knows? — grinding the Grinder. Rudolph will make her first appearance on the show, which has grown significantly over teh course of its first season, in February.

Maya Rudolph Will Do an Arc on The Grinder