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Close Your Eyes and You Can Almost Pretend Michael C. Hall’s Performance of ‘Lazarus’ Is David Bowie Live

No offense to Michael C. Hall, but you should all just sit back, relax, drape a bedsheet or a drop cloth over your face, and pretend his version of David Bowie’s new jam “Lazarus” is being sung by Ziggy Stardust himself. The Dexter star did a pretty dead-on Bowie impression last night on Colbert, which makes sense, as he’s starring in the Off Broadway musical Lazarus featuring songs by Bowie. So, do you think David Bowie is slowly transforming Michael C. Hall into his avatar so he never has to leave the house again? If we were Michael C. Hall, we would lean in to it. Imagine playing the concerts Bowie would have played! Wearing the skintight satin tuxedo pants he would have worn! Kissing the Imans he’s kissed! Meticulously maintaining the warehouses filled with wigs he maintains! A dream come true.

Michael C. Hall Performs David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’