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Mike O’Brien Talks About His Terrible, Brilliant SNL Sketches That You’ll Never Get to See

Much like someone telling you about all the amazing food at a party you weren’t invited to, there is a particular sting in hearing about bizarre SNL sketches that never made it to air. On Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, Mike O’Brien had a whole laundry list of hilarious-sounding weirdness your dumb eyes will never get to see, and oh God, that Betty White unicorn sketch. Just an irritable Betty White doing an insane monologue about unicorn eye infections. You can picture it in your mind’s eye all you want. It won’t be as good. Ha ha, okay, I pictured it. It’s still pretty good. Is there really no way they can’t pull a Jennjamin Franklin and get Betty White to perform this now?

Mike O’Brien Wrote a Betty White Unicorn Sketch