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Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino Chew Scenery Together in This Misconduct Trailer

Oscar-winning titans of acting Sir Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino have appeared in some of the greatest American films ever — The Godfather, Serpico, The Silence of the Lambs — as well as myriad productions of Shakespeare’s iconic plays, both on stages and in parks. But, amazingly, they never appeared onscreen together until Misconduct (né Beyond Deceit), the directing debut of The Grudge producer Shintaro Shimosawa, which will probably not join those lofty ranks. The film stars Josh Duhamel (who, unlike his co-stars, has yet to win an Oscar) as an ambitious young lawyer who, as the trailer menacingly intones, travels down that proverbial rabbit hole into a world of deceit and misconduct involving a large pharmaceutical company. Pacino and Hopkins are the best scene-chewers of the last 30 years (see: Heat, Dracula), and they seem to be reveling in the pulp of this legal thriller. Will Duhamel’s idealistic lawyer take down Hopkins’s nefarious pharmaceutical kingpin? Will Pacino yell at great asses? Find out when Misconduct comes out next year.

Misconduct Trailer: Hopkins, Pacino Chew Scenery