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Kingsman Actress May Break the Wrap Ceiling As Universal’s First Female Mummy

Will she have to stay in the sarcophagus for 77 minutes for every hour a man would? Photo: Getty Images

Despite millions of people around the world calling their mothers “mummy,” Universal has traditionally chosen male mummies to star in its long line of Mummy movies: According to our calculations, 1944’s The Mummy’s Curse is the only Universal film to feature a female mummy. (Naturally, under her mummy bandages she appeared to be a beautiful young woman instead of a decomposing corpse.) Now, THR reports that this particular ancient curse might be broken, as a gender-blind casting process has resulted in talks for Kingsman actress Sofia Boutella to star in the studio’s upcoming Mummy film — the first in its planned series of classic horror reboots. If she takes the gig, Boutella would appear opposite Tom Cruise, an actor with his own knowledge of thousand-year-old cults.

The Mummy Remake Casts First Female Mummy