This Alternate Version of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Is Slightly Longer, Not That We’re Complaining

Literally the only SFW ‘Anaconda’ screengrab.

Fearing that audiences weren’t ready to handle the full size of the original undertaking, Nicki Minaj took an izmel to “Anaconda,” swapping in some new verses and trimming the whole thing by ten seconds. Now producer AnonXmous has restored the song to its natural form, undoing the cuts and leaking the original version online — a process that worked a lot quicker than years of daily stretching maneuvers would. The alternate “Anaconda” keeps the basic thrust of the version you know and love, but it does hit some interesting new spots. It will reportedly be featured on AnonXmous’s new mixtape, which is coming soon.

Hear an Alternate Version of Nicki’s ‘Anaconda’