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Mad Max: Fury Road Wins Best Picture From Online Film Critics Society, Marking the First Time the Internet Has Gotten Anything Right Ever

Photo: Jasin Boland/Warner Brothers

While the internet is infamous for being wrong 100 percent of the time on all subject matters (and I include myself in that number), somehow the Online Film Critics Society fought against the tide and selected Mad Max: Fury Road as Best Picture. The organization, constituting 254 online movie critics in 22 countries, also picked George Miller as Best Director. Todd Haynes’s Carol also snagged three prizes. Could this excellent decision mean the online community is finally, collectively becoming sane? I have a way to test this. Everyone, put your opinion of SantaCon in the comments. If we all get out of that conversation alive, we’ll know the internet isn’t a total wash. Good luck, and God help you.

Online Critics Society Picks Mad Max As Best Pic