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The Pretty Little Liars Might Stop Lying After Season 7

Liars, all of ‘em. Photo: Adam Taylor

Pretty Little Liars returns for the second half of its sixth season in 2016, but don’t expect too much more sexy soap romances and blackmailers who turn out to be transgender for plot twist’s sake. Creator Marlene King spoke with Variety to say the series will end after its seventh season, most likely wrapping the series up in 2017. The new episodes begin with a five-year time-jump, and King says, “I think that this story when we’re back will end next year at the at end of season seven,” giving us hope that sometime soon, maybe these deceitful girls will stop lying all the damn time, but hopefully stay just as pretty.

Update: King has walked back her comments, clarifying on Twitter that she meant the “Uber A” story line, which kicks off on January 12, will end after season seven. But the show may not necessarily end with it, so maybe brace yourselves for even more pretty little lies.

Pretty Little Liars to Stop Lying After Season 7